It is GS SHOP, a life design company, that makes every moment of our customers valuable.

Business Core Competence

Various Sales Channel

Content Production Capability

Differentiated customer service

Premium Brand

Store Operation Based on Data/AI

Various Sales Channel

Multi-channel customer experience of a single product provided across TV channels, Data Home Shopping, online malls and mobile Apps

Content Production Capability

Provides high-quality content with expertise and know-how based on the experience of leading shopping trends while utilizing various platforms

Differentiated customer service

GS SHOP provides a differentiated service every step of the way, from product search to purchase to delivery

Store Operation Based on Data/AI

Operation of customer personalized stores combined with 25 years of TV shopping curation know-how and sophisticated data analysis/AI technology

Premium Brand

Through strategic partnerships, GS SHOP offers diverse brands desired by customers, ranging from popular brands to premium brands.

Business Concept Diagram

Sales Channel

nationwide broadcasting households

34 million

ectionTit">Status of Overseas Expansion of GS SHOP

app downloads

33 million

Synergy between each sales channel


TV Shopping

GS SHOP, which introduced the home shopping program for the first time in Korea, provides a differentiated shopping expeirence to its customers, 24 hours a day, based on its content production capabilities accumulated over 25 years.

Data Home Shopping

GS SHOP operates by integrating its home shopping know-how with the IPTV platform, to provide an interactive shopping experience where its customers can select and purchase products through use of their remote controls.

Mobile & Internet Mall

"GS SHOP," a shopping App downloaded by 33 million people nationwide, displays customized products and stores based on its sophisticated data analysis, while continuing to maintain its synergy with TV shopping.

Status of Overseas Expansion of GS SHOP

GS SHOP has entered the world market in five countries including China, Thailand, and Malaysia, and is creating a Korean Wave throughout the world's home shopping market