GS SHOP realizes the value of sharing through the best way it can

The Children's dreams are the dreams of GS SHOP.

Cultural/Emotional Support

Since 2005, through the 'Rainbow Box Campaign', we have been supporting various cultural education activities such as providing classical instruments and music lessons for children who are unable to receive cultural benefits due to economic constraints.

Volunteer Operations

GS SHOP runs the 'College students volunteer group, "Real Love," which provides education and cultural service activities for low-income children through play, and the "Senior Volunteer Group," which aims to reduce generational conflicts and awareness gaps and to enhance personality of teenagers.

Customer Engagement through Product Linkage

With help from customers, GS SHOP provides support to young burn victims through the sales of "Firefighter Calendars," and charity to newborns in underdeveloped countries through the customer participatory "Newborn Hat Knitting Campaign."

Medical Support

GS SHOP provides medical expenses support for children with congenital facial deformity, scoliosis, and for low-income children patients every year.

Making a compassionate world with social enterprises and social ventures.

Social Impact Project

A program that provides education and start-up opportunities for young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be who want to learn systematically about the initial start-up, and need professional business mentoring and commercialization support.

Making a compassionate world

Since 2010, we have devoted a portion of our TV shopping broadcasting time to promote donation for social enterprises and co-operatives to expand their product lines and achieve economic independence.

Video/Media-related Social Enterprises Support

GS SHOP supports the video production by social enterprises in the video/media field that communicate the value of social economy and ethical consumption, and shed light on the difficulties faced by disadvantaged groups such as disabled and multi-cultural families.

GS SHOP grows with local communities.

Sharing Bazaar

Since 2006, we have held a Sharing Bazaar every year for community development and "Kind" consumption.
Products donated by GS SHOP are sold at low prices to local residents through the Bazaar, and the profits from the Bazaar are used to support the underprivileged in the community and children of low-income families.

Love Love Fund

Every time GS SHOP employees donate a certain amount of money, the company also supports the cultural activities of local children through the matching of Grant-type sharing activities, in which the company donates the same amount.

Munrae-dong Creative Village Artist Support

Supporting artists in the 'Mullae Creative Village' in Yeongdeungpo-gu, and developing undiscovered cultural arts projects in the local community, we help Mullae Creative Village become a cultural brand.