We actively invest in value for the future

Start-up Investment

Preparing for the future through investment in startups and construction of a network.
GS SHOP continues to invest in advanced technology startups and prepares for the future by promoting and collaborating with new businesses based on the start-up ecosystem.

Direct/indirect investment in over 600 startups worldwide

A total investment of KRW 330 billion

Investment Support

Fund investment and direct investment to 600 start-ups

Infrastructure Support

Know-how and infrastructure support through experts of GS SHOP

Marketing Support

GS SHOP's strong sales channels and marketing capability support




GS SHOP's startup support does not merely stop at investment, but rather, beginning in 2015, it has continued to host the "GWG" (Grow with GS) to help strengthen startup networks.
The GWG is being utilized as a place of exchange for venture funds, startups and conglomerates in Korea, Beijing, China and Singapore.

Support Information

GS SHOP has invested in various start-ups beyond business-to-consumer transactions (B2C), such as consumer-to-consumer transactions (C2C), platform commerce, content, marketing, on-off-line convergence and social media, and are continuously expanding, not only within Korea but also braching out to China, South East Asia, Middle East and North America.

Green Management

The first step towards the future, GS SHOP thinks of the environment.

Ranked "Excellent" in eco-friendly buildings

GS Gangseo N Tower has been certified as 'Energy efficiency grade 1' (2014) and 'Green building excellent grade' (2015) by saving energy and inducing effective energy management.

GS SHOP plans to introduce the BEMS (Building Energy Management System) to its GS Tower for continuous energy-saving. we look forward to reducing carbon emissions, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption, analyzing data-driven energy consumption and efficiently operating energy management.

Data Environment Management

GS SHOP monitors the goals and performance relating to energy use for each of its office buildings every month. In addition, it devises measures and carries them out to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. As a result, we were able to reduce total energy consumption (GS Gangseo Tower) by 192 toe in comparison to 2016.

GS Gangseo Tower
Energy Unit 2016 2017 2018
Total consumption (Oil Equivalent) toe 2,041 1,908 1,849
Electricity KWH 7,502,976 6,924,960 6,526,648
Gas Nm³ 290,274 290,846 299,283
Water ton 39,238 39,299 34,430
GS Gangseo N Tower
Energy Unit 2016 2017 2018
Total consumption (Oil Equivalent) toe 681 684 671
Electricity KWH 2,257,464 2,205,144 2,171,040
Gas Nm³ 159,490 169,278 164,480
Water ton 16,593 16,659 18,837

Corporate Culture Team

GS SHOP's Corporate Culture Team creates work spaces, environment and cultures that can generate the best performance by its employees. In particular, we regularly conduct environmental campaigns to raise employee awareness, and are continously working on creating eco-friendly office buildings through Building & Facility Management.