We support the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

free broadcastings(per month)


2019 Home Shopping Market Pioneer Group (Thailand) Export Consultation Results

$ 20 Million

Win-win fund

70 billion won



"With Package" is a program that allows discovery of partners (SMEs) that GS SHOP can nurture/support and create a long term win-win/cooperative relationship with


Broadcasting Support

Since 2012, GS SHOP has been broacasting for SMEs, the free broadcasting program "I Love SME's" 30 minutes daily, and the program "Dreaming Shop" on the data home shopping channel starting in 2016.

Preferential organization

In addition, SME products are preferrentially organized during prime time slots.

Domestic and overseas market support

GS SHOP actively supports SMEs' expansion of its market including TV shopping and "Excellent SME Product(s)" online malls. GS SHOP dispatches its "Overseas Home Shopping Market Pioneering Team" twice a year, to allow consultation on export with domestic and oveseas MDs and buyers, and further, operates the "Overseas Export Support System for SMEs" which provides anything from customs clearance to sales on behalf of the SMEs.


Financial Support

GS SHOP generously provides assistance through its interest-free deposit based "Win-Win Fund" of 70 Billion Won, to help strengthen the foundation for the sustained growth of SMEs.


Consulting and Facility Support

We support SMEs in areas such as manufacturing, management, technology, distribution, design, factory, and export.
We also provide broadcasting, comprehensive support for manufacturing processes, management innovation activities, and productivity improvement facilities.